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We are Oslo strings - A multidisciplinary string ensemble

Who we are?

We are a multidisciplinary string ensemble that provides: Live Concerts and Tours. Studio recordings. Show – Events and TV Shows. Classical Concerts. Write arrangments. We play music in all kinds of genres, all over the world.

Why play with Us?

We have a broad background with collaborations of various artists and ensembles. All musicians plays in professional ensembles besides Oslo Strings.

What’s New?

We are traveling in September 2016  to Belem and Rio de Janeiro to play in a number of concerts including Camerata Laranjeiras, Liah Soares and more. 

Isa Caroline Holmesland

Isa Caroline Holmesland

The Violin

Started playing the violin when she was three years old through the Suzuki method. She studied at Barratt Due Music Institute, Academy of Music in Oslo and The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. She has worked in orchestras such as Radio Symphony orchestra in Stockholm, The Royal Opera in Sweden, Norrlandsoperan, Oslo Camerata  and The Radio orchestra in Norway – Kringkastingsorkesteret. Together with Kaja Fjellberg Pettersen, they formed a duo called Duo Sabia. In 2011 they performed with their duo at RICE.

Isa - Discography

-Jono el Grande : “Neo dada”

-Lionheart Brothers: “You should never have looked”

-Kollwitz: “Like Iron I Rust”

-Jens Carelius: “The Architect”

-Daniel Adams Ray: “Svart, vitt och allt där imellan”

-Samson for president: “Papas Old Piano”

-Josefin Falthin: “Get Away”

-Mona og Maria: “My Sun”

-Hanne Kolstø: “While we still have light”

Ragnhild Lien

Ragnhild Lien

The Violin

She began to play the norwegian fiddle “hardingfele” at the age of seven, but changed her direction to classical music one year later. She was a student at the talent school at Barrat Dues Music Institut for several years, and continued with her studies at the Norwegian Music Academy in Oslo. Professor Detlef Hahn was her teacher during her bachelor- and masterstudies. Ragnhild is engaged in several different generes, and loves to play anything from the classical repertoire to pop. She is a substitute in several professional orchestras, and is also a permanent member of the chamber orchestra Ensemble Allegria.

Ragnhild - Discography

-Telemark Kammerorkester: “Passione”

-Telemark Kammerorkester: “Bite the Dog”

-Telemark Kammerorkester: “Thommessen/Bibalo”

-Helene Bøksle: “Svalbard”

-Jan Swenche: “For store sko”

-Lucas Santtana: “Sobre Noites e Dias”

-Mona & Maria: “My sun”

-Frida Amundsen: “Rush”

-Einar Flaa Academy: “Dance”

-Erik Lukashaugen: “Av en sliters memoarer”

Karoline Vik Hegge

Karoline Vik Hegge

The Viola/Bratsj

Started playing the violin four years old and switched to viola in 2006. She studied at Institutt for Musikk in Stavanger, Griegakademiet in Bergen, Institutt for Musikk in Trondheim and at The Buchmann Mehta School of Music in Tel Aviv, Israel. She has been a substitute player in Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, The Trondheim Soloists, The Buchmann Mehta Symphony Orchestra and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestral. Karoline is an active chamber musician with great interest in contemporary music and improvisation.

Karoline - Discography

-Two Way Monologue, Sondre Lerche. 2004

-Violeta Violeta Volume I , Kaizers Orchestra, 2011

-Violeta Violeta Volume II , Kaizers Orchestra , 2011


Kaja Fjellberg Pettersen

Kaja Fjellberg Pettersen

The Cello

Started to play the cello at the age of 12, after playing the piano since the age of 6. She studied classical music at Barratt Due Music Institute, the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, Malmö Academy of Music and Trondheim Conservatory of Music. Kaja is doing a lot of crossover projects, playing with Norwegian artists like Marit Larsen, Siri Nilsen and Karpe Diem. Besides playing the cello in these bands, she also writes stringarrangements. In august 2013 she went to Rio, to study and cooperate with young composers.

Kaja - Discography

-Marit Larsen; “Under the Surface” (2006)

-The Cheaters; “The Cheaters” (2007)

-Big Bang; “Too much Yang” (2007)

-The Samuel Jackson Five; “Goodbye Melody Mountain” (2009)

-Siri Nilsen; “Vi som ser i mørket” (2009), “Alle snakker sant” (2011)

-Egil Olsen; “Keep Movin´- Keep Dreamin´(2011)

-Jens Carelius; “The Beat Of The Travel” (2008), “The Architect” (2011)

-Garness; “Barnet i krybben” (2009)

-The Lionheartbrothers; “Matters of Love and Nature” (2011)

-Mona&Maria; “My Sun” (2013)

-Thomas Dybdahl; “What´s left is forever” (2013)

-Hanne Kolstø: “While we still have light”

Helena Maria Falk Botolfsen

Helena Maria Falk Botolfsen

The Violin

Started playing the violin when she was seven years old and was admittet to the talent program at Barratt Due Insitute of Music some years later. She studied classical music at the Norwegian Academy of Music with prof. Detlef Hahn and Peter Herresthal and at Oberlin Concervatory of Music with prof. Milan Vitek. She is a substitute violinist in many professional orchestras in Norway and is a permanent member of the orchestra Nordic Harmony. Helena is a versatile musician, and enjoys playing everything from classical music to pop and norwegian folk music. She has also been a violin teacher since 2006. Helena is playing on a Dominicus Rief violin, 1789, kindly on loan from Morten Johan Svendsen. 

Helena - Discography

- Soon to be updated!

Lise Voldsdal

Lise Voldsdal

The Violin

“Lise Voldsdal studied at the Barratt Due Music Institute in Oslo. Besides playing classical music, she has been touring with bands such as Madrugada, Maria Mena, Paal Flaata, Pål Angelskår and Tommy Tokyo. She is a much-used session musician, and is also writing string arrangements. In 2013 she was awarded with The Gammleng Prize, in the category Studio Musician.

Photography by Ketil Hardy

Lise - Discography

- Tommy Tokyo: We blister and we bleed

- Hellbillies: Leite etter lykka og Spissrotgang

- Tom Roger Aadland: Rapport Frå Eit Grensehotel

- Claudia Scott: Follow The Lines

- Paal Flaata: Wait By The Fire, Bless us all, Christmas Island, Old Angel Midnight

- Pål Angelskår: Follow me

- Big Bang: Poetic terrorism!

- El Cuero: From Mountains To Sand!

- Madrugada : Live at Tralfamadore!

- Vidar Vang: Sleepless song, Vidar Vang!

- Marte Wulff: Safety Pin!

- Robert Post: Disarm & Let Go, Live at Ocean Sound Recordings, Rhetoric Season

- One,The Button Moulder!

- Minor Majority: Candy Store, Either Way I think you know!

- Guren Hagen: La lyset stå på!

- Ida Jenshus: Color of the Sun



Upcoming tour dates

Tour dates

25.September 2015 Daniel Kvammen, Camerata Laranjeiras og Oslo Strings. Sjømannskirken, Rio de Janeiro

10.September 2015 Marit Larsen og Oslo Strings, Rockefeller

29.-31.Juli 2015 “Solli-Tangen, Andreomgangen.” Solli-Tangen, Akerø-Kleven og Oslo Strings

22.-24.Juli 2015 “Solli-Tangen, Andreomgangen.” Solli-Tangen, Akerø-Kleven og Oslo Strings

17.Juli 2015  Daniel Herskedal og Oslo Strings, Molde jazzfestival

02.Juli 2015 Mathias Eick og Oslo Strings, Kongsberg jazzfestival



Photos and videos from our concerts & rehearsals

Foto: Kyrre Lien / www.kyrrelien.com



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Maridalsveien 78, Oslo. Norway